Seals & Profiles

VM Comp produce various types of seals and profiles, as follows:

  • monocomponent profiles (compact or spongy);
  • bi-component profiles (from compact mixes with different hardnesses, or compact mixes + spongy mixes);
  • profiles with metal inserts, such as car door seals, trunk seals, exposed edge protection trims;
  • fluted profiles - car door slides, window brushes, ecc;
  • profiled gaskets for various types of cabins and bodies, from tractors, combine harvesters, cranes, armored transporters, hardtops, vans, bus window frames, wagons and locomotives;
  • rubber gaskets for carpentry with double glazing;
  • rubber profiles fixed with double-adhesive tape or hot-melt;
  • profiles and tubes made of silicone rubber.

Materials: rubber compounds based on EPDM, NBR, CR, SBR, NR, VMQ.

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